Positioner - Actuator, eyehole grip 8mm, length 457mm

spring actuator, eyehole grip, length 270mm



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New stainless steel and aluminium positioning systems


New products 2014


Manufacturer of wheelchair parts,
health care equipment. 


Welcome to our website.

Recomedic Rehab is manufacturer and supplier of parts and accessories for the rehab industry. Our offer is aimed at OEM customers - manufacturers of wheelchairs, mobility aids, rehabilitation equipment, hospital beds, scooters, tricycles, baby strollers, bicycle trailers and many others related industries. Access our website and explore latest highlights. Feel free to contact us.

In addition to the standard range of tyres, wheels and many other components we also perform a wide range of services in steel and aluminium according to customer drawings or samples. We are producing wheelchair frames, frame parts, parts for rehabilitation beds, assemblies etc. also with complete surface treatment (chrome plating, burnishing, anodizing, powder coating accordning to RAL palette).


Steel, plastic, rubber machining

Most of our machinery and equipment are CNC controlled.
Laser cutting machine
Brake presses, guillotine shearing machines
Perforating devices, welders etc.
We also supplying plastic and rubber parts (injected and extruded).

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